About the product
  • How does your product differ beside competitors?

    Our backpack is made of high-quality materials known all over the world. Cordura fabric and YKK accessories. Manufacturing accomplishes with modern facilities usage. In sewing, we use short stitch length to make our gear more solid. All backpack details are covered inside by lining for the accomplished aesthetic look.

    Where and how do you manufacture your gear?

    We produce it in Ukraine in our own workshop. Yes, manufacturing by our own is way more complicated and responsibly than ordering it, for example, in China, but this way we can control all the processes and make decisions instantly. Also, we can monitor the quality of each of the products, not selectively.

  • Do you have a guarantee on your products?

    Yes, we love our work and give our all. Each backpack passes the quality control, so we’re providing a lifelong guarantee on manufacturing defects.

    What if I found the defect?

    Nobody is ideal, and we understand it. Firstly, we are sorry. Secondly, we’ll replace the unit for the another one and take care of the shipping costs.