«Take everything you need or even more than you planned! Say «no» to compromises: «What can I take and what should I leave?» – take all you want!

Welcome to a world of adventures and active lifestyle.

What is your first thought while planning a trip? – Of course you think about your baggage, how to make it totally comfortable, transportable and functional.

Now you can implement it with Blackpack!

We would like to present you a totally new format of a backpack at the market:

Blackpack – transformer 4 in 1, it consists of a backpack, bag, waist bag and mini backpack. It is made to ease your life.

Blackpack – is a multifunctional and useful thing bigger than a regular backpack, but despite that it stays compact and you can easily deal with it. It is perfect for city, long traveling and active lifestyle.


Blackpack will keep you a company regardless the task or case.


Main ideas in Blackpack development are:

– stop saving on material – a great variety of accessories and technical solutions are used in Blackpack creation. That is why this backpack is more functional than any other.

– wish to create a really special and comfortable product with a high level functional design.


«In modern world all people aim for perfection and simplicity. I wanted to exceed all what was created before. I spent few weeks almost without sleeping, working on the project and finally have got the first prototype. Then I tested and corrected it, but I fell in love with this backpack from the first stitch. From the one side it is just a one more backpack, but from another it has a lot of differences and it can be seen through the many small details. Every detail is carefully picked and complements one another. It creates some harmony and perfect functionality. Blackpack became my personal call, it is a result of a great number of experiments» – Sashka Chesik, designer/SEO Blackpack.


It is possible to talk about this backpack advantages endlessly. But we would like to notice one huge disadvantage:

Blackpack is unique and one of a kind, you will never find the same. Don’t even try to find.


Experience true vivid impressions together with a reliable companion!


About brand:

Blackpack is a materialized dream and idea: love to inventions and a great desire to create usual things in a new format.

The concept of our brand is:

– unique product

– completely manual operation

– quality control

– attention to details

– nothing extra, only essential.


«We are ready to take on the world and prove that our product is the thing you need and you will see the true value of it. Keep your stuff in order and under control and Blackpack will help you with it».